Facebook is investing $1 billion in content creators

Facebook is promising a hefty payday.

Facebook has promised that by the end of the year 2022, it will have invested $1 billion in programs that give creators new ways to earn money for the content they create. This applys to both the Facebook and Instagram platforms. From artists to style experts and budding entertainers, content creators drive so much of the passion and creativity seen across Facebook apps.

So far, the tools used to help monetise content on Facebook apps are  Live Audio Rooms and Bulletin, as well as monetization products like Stars and affiliate. Now the platform wants to reward creators, especially those who are just starting out, for creating content their communities love.

This investment will include new bonus programs that pay eligible creators for hitting certain milestones when they use Facebook’s creative and monetization tools. We’ll also provide seed funding for creators to produce their content. The goal is to help as many creators as possible find sustainable, long-term success on the apps. The new bonus programs will reward a wide variety of creators for sharing great content that people enjoy. Bonuses will also help creators understand which content performs best for them.

The first bonus opportunities are already available on Facebook, albeit only by invitation. find out more information here.


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