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Facebook is still Kenya’s most influential platform


Meta owned social media platform, Facebook, has firmed its position as Kenya’s top social media platform with a share of 49.4pc.

Audience Measurement and Industry Trends report covering the third quarter of financial year 2023/24 by the Communications Authority indicates that the social media giant with an estimated 2.9 billion active monthly users globally as enhanced its position in three successive quarters as the most used network for social interactions and source of news.

The social media network enhanced its position from 45.2pc in first quarter to 47.5pc in the second quarter.

Another Meta platform, Whatsapp which boasts of at least three billion active monthly users worldwide had 47pc of users.

“The prevalence of Facebook and WhatsApp in social media mentions highlights their extensive adoption and influential presence in the Kenyan digital landscape,” said CA.

YouTube emerged as the third most popular social media platform in Kenya with a market share of 29.5pc while TikTok grew to 23pc from 17.8pc to 23pc.

Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing social media platform site had a share of 13.3pc while X,, formerly Twitter commanded a market share of 10.7pc after growing from 7.9pc in the previous quarter.

Other sites used in Kenya to get news include Google, Operamini, Chrome, Telegram, email, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Mobile phones still remain the most popular devices Kenyans use to access internet at 87.2pc.

“The most mode of internet access is primarily through smartphones, underscoring the pivotal role these devices play in facilitating connectivity and information access for a wide range of users. As mobile technology continues to advance, ensuring equitable access to smartphones becomes crucial for fostering digital inclusion and bridging gaps in connectivity across various demographics,” stated the regulator.

Laptops emerged second most preferred mode of access the internet with a share of 5pc, smart TV 1.9pc, tablet 0.5pc and desktop with 0.9pc.

Latest data from the authority indicates that the country currently has 51 million mobile data subscribers.

During the period under review, total advertisement expenditure dropped to Ksh 15 billion from Ksh 17 billion.

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