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Fanfare characterizes Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations hosted by Confucius Institute in Nairobi

The Confucius Institute in Nairobi on Wednesday hosted celebrations ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year fete. The University of Nairobi fraternity, including students who study Mandarin, staged highlight performances in an event themed “The Dragon-Soaring and the Drums are Rolling for the Chinese New Year,”

In the Chinese Calendar, the year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon.

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Some of the activities on show at the institute’s New Center along Arboretum Drive included Chinese New Year Cultural Activities, a fashion show, a talent show, traditional Chinese games and challenges, a taste of Chinese cuisine spicy hotpot, steamed stuffed buns, Chinese hamburgers, dumplings, and barbecue among other interactive sessions.

The day also presented an opportunity for guests to explore cultural experiences including painting, paper cutting, and pot throwing.

The Chinese community that was present at the event noted that they were celebrating the day with their Kenyan counterparts for the reason that the lunar new year signifies the coming together of people to share in success. They said there is every reason to celebrate the growing strengthening of people-to-people relations.

“We are doing very well in Kenya. And in the year of the dragon, we expect better cooperation between Kenya and China, for better business,” Gao Wei the Chairman of Kenya Overseas Chinese Association said

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama expressed hope that the new year will avail more opportunities for Kenya and China to work together for the better of the people.

“I believe that the relationship between the two countries will be further strengthened by the blessings of the Chinese Year of the Dragon,” he said

amid good relations between Kenya and China, the University Vice Chancellor indicated that starting the next year 2025, “We (the University of Nairobi) will be sending 25 students every year on full scholarships to Tianjin Normal University in China for a two-year study program after they have completed their first two years of study at the University of Nairobi.

The Deputy Head of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Kenya Zhang Zhizhong also graced the event and applauded the friendly relations between Nairobi and Beijing. He said China, as a responsible country, is committed to contributing to the better of the lives of the people of Kenyans.

Mercy Chittai from the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), which sent representatives to the festival, expressed delight in the event saying the Chinese New Year welcome celebrations were unique this time given the introduction of a fashion show which she described as her favourite activity.

Chittai was also quick to highlight that the spring festival celebrations have a huge significance not just to the Chinese but to the world.

“We know the dragon to be an animal. To the Chinese, they believe the dragon signifies good luck. I am hopeful this year will be full of luck,” she said

A total of 12 institutions cooperating with the Confucius Institute of the University of Nairobi, including universities, high schools, and primary schools, graced the occasion.

The event on Wednesday precedes a major gala organized by the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi to be held at Two Rivers Mall to officially kick-start the Chinese New Year 2024.

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