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Fear as unknown people unleash human waste in Gatundu homes

Residents of Gwa Kimori village in Gatundu North are in a state of shock after increased cases of unknown individuals defecating in their homes.

According to the locals, these individuals have been wrapping their excretions in polythene bags and leaving them at their doorsteps during the night.

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Tabitha Njuguna, one of the affected locals, revealed that the culprits have escalated their inhumane behavior by dumping their waste directly into her water tank.

nother resident, Margaret Nyambura expressed her disbelief upon discovering piles of human waste deliberately placed in front of her door.

Speaking with journalists on Wednesday, concerned villagers raised raised suspicions that the incidents are acts of defiance orchestrated by a faction opposed to the construction of an access road in the area.

John Njoroge, who is also a resident in the village, highlighted that the local MCA Joseph had promised to construct the 1.5 kilometer access road and urged residents to remove structures and trees planted on the road corridor.

He noted that the unknown individuals have taken it upon themselves to divert the road, marking their own land boundaries using a white substance.

“They placed the markings at night and shockingly they placed where there are graves. We are living in fear because we even don’t know what the white substance is and they have sprinkled it even on our crops,” said Njoroge.

Nancy Wambui said that some unknown individuals maliciously poisoned her water tank during the night. She now fears for her life.

The residents are calling for intervention by the local authorities saying that the criminals perpetrating the heinous acts might harm them and their children.

The residents, however, maintained that the road must be constructed saying that it will end their sufferring and ease mobility as well as improve trasportation of their farm produce.

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