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Feuding Mandera clans, Murule and Degodia, seal peace pact

After four days of intensive negotiations, the elders, religious leaders, and local representatives from the Murule and Degodia communities have successfully brokered a peace agreement.

This landmark accord aims to put an end to the longstanding clan skirmishes plaguing areas in Sala, Lafey, and Rhamu within the Mandera North constituencies.

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Over the past few months, the Murule and Degodia communities have been engaged in a destructive conflict, resulting in property damage and school closures.

The comprehensive four-day peace agreement includes an immediate ceasefire, the disbandment of armed groups, provisions for road safety, improved water access, and unrestricted retrieval of firewood and livestock.

Additionally, the agreement outlines the formation of a committee responsible for overseeing reconciliation efforts, implementation of the accord, and addressing emerging issues.

A damage assessment team will also be established, and all elders have unanimously agreed to defer land disputes for resolution.

Governor Mohamed Khalif of Mandera, who led the peace conference, called for peace, the reopening of schools, and genuine reconciliation.

Member of Parliament for Mandera North Bashir Abdullahi urged all key stakeholders to address the root causes of these conflicts.

Meanwhile, MP for Lafey Mohamed Abdiker called on security forces to take decisive action against anyone attempting to disrupt the peace-building efforts in both regions.

With this promising agreement between the Degodia and Murule communities, there is newfound hope on the horizon for enduring peace and prosperity in Mandera County.


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