Fifth Harmony defend ‘aggressive’ security



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Fifth Harmony’s defended a security guard accused of “inappropriately touching” a fan at a hotel in Rio.

The girls have called the claims a “lie”, saying they fully support their team.

The band say they saw what happened while on tour in Brazil and claim the girl had been trying to get into their room.

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“The security guards who ushered her away were doing their jobs of protecting us,” they say on Twitter.

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They’ve also accused some fans “disrespecting” them.

They argue the team did nothing except try to make the girl go back down stairs to where she was actually staying.

“She combated and fought to break free of their directing her and in the process was shouting that they were touching her and trying to take her clothes off.”

Some fans responded with claims that they’ve also seen members being heavy handed or nasty before.

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But the band say security are only trying to keep them safe.

“Especially in light of recent events like the shooting, we can’t ever be too safe with our personal space and protection,” they say.

Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on The Voice in America, was shot dead while signing autographs last month.

The band also accuse some fans of “disrespecting them”, saying they “don’t appreciate people lying” about their team “and costing people their jobs”.

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“We feel like sometimes you guys forget that there are only five of us versus the hundreds of you.

“We will continue to support our security team in making sure that they protect the boundaries so many people seem to think they’re entitled to disrespect.

“We’d appreciate if you recognised that when you disrespect our team and their hard work, you’re disrespecting us.”


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