Finally, ear phone buds that do not fall off

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There is no shortage of earbud headphones that claim to be the perfect fit for your ears. But everyone knows those claims are bogus.

No matter how many sizes of spare silicone tips you try out, the ear buds ultimately fall out — or are so tight you can’t concentrate.

Revols, a startup in Montreal, thinks it has the solution: ear bud headphones that mold to your ears. With the help of a smart phone app and some engineering magic, Revols says its ear buds morph into a tight-fitting ear bud in 60 seconds.

The hardening is permanent, but the company says spare tips will sell for between $15 and $20 if customers want to give the headphones away or re-do the molding process.

To get the right fit, the Revols headphones contain a gel that quickly hardens when it receives an electrical signal.

The companion smartphone app syncs to the headphones via Bluetooth.

After tapping a button on the app, the tips begin to warm up a bit and harden.

The heat, which kind of feels like you’re entering a warm bath, is just an indicator that it’s working — it oddly has nothing to do with the hardening of the gel.

The perks of owning perfect-fitting Revols will cost you, though: They’re currently on sale on Kickstarter for $199, and when they hit stores next year, they’ll retail for $299.

Its Kickstarter campaign gained more than $825,000 from nearly 3,600 backers, so there’s probably a market for the product.

If Revols can truly deliver a high-end audio experience and best-on-the-market fit from its $300 ear buds, it could have a bright future ahead of it.

Source: CNN Technology


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