TV personality and host, Steve Harvey,  is tired of rumour mongers!

Steve Harvey, who attended Invest 2023 on Sunday, set the record straight as he took to the stage dismissing all divorce and cheating rumours.

The cheating allegations notably first started earlier this week on X – formerly known as Twitter – and quickly went viral. The rumours alleged that Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, 58, had cheated on him with the couple’s bodyguard and personal chef.

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In a now-viral TikTok video shared online, Harvey said, “’Before I get started, just let me say, I’m fine. Marjorie’s fine.”

As the crowd cheered he continued, “’I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do ’cause we fine. Lord have mercy. Man…I ain’t got no time for rumours and gossip. God’s been good to me, I’m still shining.”

Steve and Marjorie have been married since 2007. Upon their marriage, he adopted Marjorie’s three children from her previous relationship: 26-year-old model Lori, Morgan and also Jason. 

Separately, Harvey shares a song, Wynton with ex-wife Mary Sheckerlford and twins Brandi and Karli, as well as son Broderick with his first wife Marica Harvey.

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