“Firirinda” and other stories

No, it’s not a new song

Written and performed by Dick Munyonyi in 1986, “Firirinda” is getting a new lease on life 35 years after its release in part due to a viral TikTok challenge and because Murang’a MCAs celebrated the passing of BBI by dancing to the song yesterday.

“Firirinda” is an upbeat song in which the narrator ( in this case, the singer) welcomes guests into his home. It is no secret that TikTok is doing mileage for music through the app’s viral challenges. In a report done by Rolling Stone magazine, it was reported that currently “the music industry relies on TikTok as a launchpad for major songs.” 

This 35-year-old song is proof of TikTok’s power. However, as the report further stipulated, there’s almost always a disconnect between the song itself doing the rounds and an artist’s career trajectory. Munyonyi stopped singing a few years after releasing “Firirinda” after contracting tuberculosis. It is being reported that well-wishers have already sent him some goodies since the song went viral.

As to the meaning of the word, someone on Twitter may have found an apt definition.

Since the song became a hit on mainstream, Kenyans online have had a lot to say about “Firirinda” and the dance challenge is spawned.

But first, the president and first lady.






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