Firm pilots new house design to encourage millennial home ownership

Mizizi Africa Homes has embarked on developing new house designs for its projects to tap into a growing population of savvy millennial buyers.

The developer is adding multi-functional spaces to key features like Master Bedroom, sunken lounge, dining area and windows and providing an extra room to all the units due for construction in 2020.

These units will also come with flat roofs to provide more outdoor space for recreation.

According to Mizizi Africa Homes Chief Executive Officer, George Mburu, the company is responding to the needs of its customer’s mostly younger families and first-time home buyers seeking modern responsive houses.

“The new design is inspired by the creative nature and desire of this generation to live in a better place. The extra spaces give them flexibility they need to personalise the house the way they want. We are putting in modern features that suit their life,” said Mburu.

Property uptake is expected to pick up gradually with reopening of the economy after coronavirus pandemic devastated investment in the sector last year.

“Reduced disposable income as a result of the tough economic times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to affect uptake of property thus impacting on the performance of the real estate market,” Cytonn Investments had warned in its outlook for the year.

The extra rooms can be converted to home office and the rooftop can be turned into a retreat or an entertainment spot.

Units will be fitted with reliable internet to support seamless connectivity.

The developer said the new designs will be cheaper compared to stand-alone units with reduction in cost of roofing that will be beneficial to both the developer and customers.

“This move is deliberate because we want to continue playing an integral role in provision of affordable housing especially for first-time home buyers and younger families,” said Mburu.

He added, “Moving forward we are adopting the new design on all our future projects due to the outstanding advantages both to the developer and the client.”

New projects that will adopt the new design include Sss. Waiganjo with 16 units, Eagle estate with 14 units, Ostrich Estate with 26 units and Asali Estate with 26 units.

They come in 3-bedroom bungalows and 5-bedroom maisonettes with a price starting from Kshs. 4.2 million.


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