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First Lady calls for innovative marketing, utilization of Kenya’s cultural heritage

The First Lady has called for innovative marketing strategies that promote the country’s culture while preserving and safeguarding its intellectual property.

This will be achieved through the establishment of globally recognisable products that showcase Kenyan heritage.

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Utamaduni Day presents us with an opportunity to bridge the gap between our diverse backgrounds. Each region of Kenya has cultural norms such as traditional dress, unique food and a variety of languages to name but just a few.

These contribute to the vibrant mosaic of our beautiful Nation as we have seen and shall be sampling later on.

Utamaduni Day encourages us to explore, appreciate and understand each other’s cultures, enabling us to foster a sense of unity and shared identity.

On a global scale, culture has become an integral part of any Nation’s foreign policy, serving as a means to promote tourism and attract investments.

Today’s celebrations align with the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), which emphasizes the Government’s commitment to fostering the growth of the creative economy.

Mama Rachel Ruto emphasized the need to innovate new ways to market our Kenya culture while preserving and protecting its intellectual property rights. This includes creating globally recognizable products that showcase our heritage.

Other leaders present included Head of Public Service Felix Koskei; Moses Kuria, Cabinet Secretary, Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management; Peninah Malonza, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of EAC, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands; Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura and Culture and Ummi Bashir, the principal secretary for the State Department for Heritage Principal Secretary.




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