By Muusi Nguutu

As much as TikTok is great for entertainment, sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned TV show for a guaranteed entertainment high. 

Here are a few shows you should check out.

Sex Life

Sex Life follows the story of a suburban mother of two who takes a fantasy-charged trip down memory lane that sets her very married present on a collision course with her wild-child past. Despite the bad reviews, I found it very entertaining and great for a casual watch. I say if you haven’t this show then you’re missing out. 


Bridgerton is a period drama that adapts the historical romance novels of Julia Quinn, set in the Regency era in London. It follows the lives and loves of the aristocratic Bridgerton and Featherington families as they navigate the social season under the watchful eye of the anonymous gossip columnist Lady Whistledown.

If you’re in the mood for some scandal, romance, and witty one-liners, this show is the perfect escape from reality.

Let’s be real here, the main reason anyone watches Bridgerton is for the steamy romance scenes. And boy, do they deliver!

The chemistry between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings is off the charts, and their love scenes are tastefully done and oh-so-steamy. But fair warning, if you’re watching this with your parents, you might want to have a cushion to hide behind.

If you’re looking for both funny and steamy, Bridgerton is a perfect choice. It’s a little bit silly, a little bit scandalous, and a whole lot of fun. Plus, you’ll be left wondering when on Earth Season 3 will be released.


If you’re looking for a show to binge-watch then this is the right show for you. This show is like Gossip Girl meets How to Get Away with Murder, with a little bit of Spanish flair thrown in for good measure. 

First of all, the acting is amazing. The actors may be gorgeous but trust me, they are very talented. You will find yourself invested in the drama from episode one. 

Speaking of drama, there’s plenty to go around. The show is full of shocking moments and jaw-dropping revelations. I guarantee you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time!

But it’s not all about the scandalous plot twists. It also tackles some real issues like classism, loyalty and sexuality. The characters are multi-dimensional and complex and you will find yourself empathizing with them. Plus, did I mention the fashion? These kids are dressed to kill and you’ll probably find yourself wishing you had some of their outfits. 

Overall, it is a must-watch for anyone looking for a thrilling, thought-provoking series that doesn’t take itself too seriously. So, head over to Netflix, get comfy and grab some snacks and get ready for a wild ride.


This show is a provocative and intense Netflix series that explores the complex and dangerous world of relationships, power and morality. It’s a neo-noir social thriller that explores the ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.

Anne Montgomery (Renée Zellweger) is an infamous venture capitalist known for her villainous approach to both life and business. Anne agrees to invest when biotech researcher Lisa Donovan (Jane Levy) runs out of ways to salvage her business. There’s a catch, though. Anne will only agree to this if Lisa’s husband, Sean, allows her to spend a strange night with him. Is it the craziest thing I’ve watched? No, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t addicting. It is a perfect show to binge-watch because Anne is an evil enough villain to make you want to watch the next episode to see what she is going to do next.

The Affair

If you’re looking for a show with plenty of drama, twists and turns, and characters to root for (and against), this is the one for you. The Affair follows the complicated relationships between two couples, Noah and Helen Solloway, and Alison and Cole Lockhart. The show is known for its distinctive format, telling each episode from the perspectives of different characters, giving us an often-complicated look at how one event can be remembered and interpreted very differently.

There are a lot of reasons why people love The Affair. For one thing, the cast is fantastic. Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson bring nuance and depth to their roles, making these often-flawed characters feel all too human. The writing is also top-notch, deftly weaving themes of love, loss, and betrayal into a plot that keeps you hooked.

But come on – one of the main things that make The Affair worth watching is the twists and turns that keep the plot moving forward. At times, it feels like a soap opera brought to life, with shocking revelations and unexpected developments that leave you gasping. And who doesn’t love a good gasp?