Five Herbs you can grow indoors

Make your home green by planting these five herbs in your house


Now would be a great time to try out indoor gardening. You can start small and graduate to more difficult gardening. Not only will this add a spot of colour to your house but you’ll have great condiments for your food.

We know balconies/verandahs are not a given in Nairobi, so here is a list of herbs you can grow indoors.


  • You will need pots, tins or bottles with holes for drainage.
  • Rich soil for planting.
  • A saucer you don’t use anymore to collect the excess moisture from the holes of the pots/tin/bottles to prevent this endeavour from ruining your windowsill or tabletop.
  • Make sure your house or at least the area you are placing the plants gets plenty of sunlight; at least 8 hours.



Why you should grow it: This herb is a great addition to Pizza and adds an amazing flavour to any spaghetti sauce.

Requirements: You can buy basil seeds from an Agro shop or selected supermarkets. Plant the seeds in a pot with good drainage and make sure the soil is rich in nutrients. Water regularly with at least 1 inch of water weekly. Make sure the soil is never soggy.

Basil is a tropical plant, so make sure it’s getting plenty of sun and warmth.



Why you should grow it: All the greatest stews have a little bit of dhania in them and if you have one growing in your house, you will never run out.

Requirements: You can start with seeds from a supermarket or agro shop. Plant in rich soil in a pot or tin. Don’t water excessively, water when the topsoil feels dry.

Like Basil, Parsley loves the sun so make sure it gets plenty of sunlight every day.



Why you should grow it: In addition to being a condiment, it acts as a natural air freshener and will keep your kitchen or house smelling great all year round.

Requirements: For this herb, you can use a cutting from a rosemary plant. Sheer off the bottom leaves and plant the exposed stem in the soil until fully covered. Don’t cover the leaves. Use a spray bottle to water the rosemary plant to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Place in an area that gets lots of sunlight.



Why you should grow it: Mint goes well with drinks such as cocktails and tea. Alternatively, if crushed, it provides great flavour to doughy products such as cakes.

Requirements: The best thing about mint is that it can grow in water. Just cut the tips off of an existing mint plant, remove the bottom leaves and place the cuttings in the glass or bottle filled with water.

Like all the other plants, make sure it gets plenty of sun each day.

Green Onions


Why you should grow it: Every meal needs onions to give it that fried food flavour. And green onions are just as great as red onions.

Requirements: What you need is a normal red onion. Plant the bulbs in rich soil and make sure they’re at least an inch in the soil in the pot and space the bulbs out.

Make sure the soil is evenly moist. And most importantly make sure the onions get plenty of sunlight.


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