In honour of lipstick day, celebrated annually on July 29, many cosmetic brands including Mac are offering a discount on their products. As any makeup enthusiast will tell you, you can never have too many lip products.

If you’re looking for more colour for your lips, visit any MAC cosmetics store from July 28 to 29, and you can buy two products and get one free. 

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To celebrate the day, here are five lipstick looks to try and how to recreate them.

Red Lippie

Step 1: Exfoliate using MAC’s candid nectar

Lip exfoliation helps to remove dry skin which helps to prevent chapped and dry lips and leaves you with soft, supple and healthy-looking lips. 

Step 2: Prime your lips using a lip base

A lip base will add moisture, smoothen and refine your lips to make application easier. Usina a colour-free base prevents feathering and prolongs the wearability of your lipstick

Step 3: Line your lips

Line your lips with lip pencil; for a great red, start with a shade of cherry to outline the lips for a beautifully balanced lip. 

Step 4: Apply your red lipstick

Apply your red lipstick to the centre of top and bottom lips before smoothening it out. 

Ombré Glossy red lip

Step 1: Lip scrub 

Step 2: Prime with  lip base 

Step 3: Use a Lip liner in a  shade of violet. If you’re using MAC products this would be the nightmoth lip liner.

Step 4: Apply your red lipstick if your looking for one at the MAC sale opt for the Russian red shade.

Step 5: To complete the look add clear lip glass to give it a radiant, glossy look.

Nude glossy lip

Step 1: For this look start with a lip pencil in the shade of your lips. In most cases, this would be a light or dark brown lip pencil. For this look (in the picture) the chestnut shade lip pencil was used to outline the lip. 

Step 2: Follow it up with matte lipstick in the same shade as your lip liner. In this case, it was the honey love shade of lipstick. Apply your lipstick in the centre before blending it out.

Step 3: Top with a clear lip gloss.

Dark Berry Matte lips

Step 1: Scrub 

Step 2:  Prep+prime lip base 

Step 3: Use a retro matte lipstick in the shade of dark berry. If you’re looking for a MAC equivalent that would be the high drama lipstick with an extreme matte velvet finish. 

Ombré Glossy Pink lips

Step 1: Use a Lip pencil in a shade  of violet 

Step 2: Apply your preferred pink shade of lipstick 

Step 4: Apply Clear lip gloss

Things to note:

  • Only exfoliate if your lips are dry and have dead skin
  • A lip base or primer is a great addition because it helps your lipstick last for longer but if you don’t have time, it can be skipped.
  • To find your true lip colour use your areola
  • Only use a lip gloss if you’re going a glossy, glass look

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