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Former journalist Johana Chacha lands job after successful rehabilitation

Journalist Johana Chacha

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi introduced former journalist Johana Chacha as part of her media team after he was successfully rehabilitated from alcoholism.

Speaking at the Mpesa Foundation Academy during the launch of Rose Kirika Foundation Pastor Dorcas expressed pride in seeing the success in her rehabilitation program that has helped thousands across the country.

“I have seen when I am going round the country saving my boy child and they tell you it started as a joke (Alcoholism, Drugs and substance abuse).I have one who is standing behind there and he was employed in KTN and many other places but I found him in the gutter. But when he made a decision, and he went for rehabilitation, went through the dignified future classes, now look at him, he is dignified and working with my media team,” she said while introducing Chacha.

“When I was doing this, I never imagined it would amount to this kind of transformation. When Kisii and his father came, and they had never talked for years, so they were reunited,” he added.

Chacha is one of those who have gone through the Dorcas Rigathi rehabilitation programs after they were hooked into alcoholism, drugs and substance abuse.

The former KTN, K24 journalist was identified for rehabilitation during the screening in Nairobi’s Dagoreti area and went through the rehabilitation program sponsored by Pastor Dorcas Rigathi.

Hiram Njiru, one of the reformed addicts, also shared his story of being rendered jobless after indulging in alcoholism for over 12 years.

Pastor Dorcas spoke during the launch of Rose Kirika Foundation in Thika.

The ‘Family Concern Initiative by Kiambu Deputy Governor H.E Rose Kirika aligns with her vision in the fights against Alcoholism, Drugs and Substance abuse and a strong family foundation in through the agenda of family values in my office.

The foundation also embodies the spirit of giving back to the communities as giving outshines love.

She commended H.E Rosemary Kirika and her entire family for embodying this vision that supports humanity.

“A leader is known when they can make a difference. A leader is known when they become a solution to the questions a society has. A leader able to bring families together is doing a great work; because it starts with the family to the church, communities, nation, and the world,” said Pastor Dorcas.

She said the five working steps of the foundation ranging from pre-assessment to continuous mentoring, coaching and monitoring are clear indications of a robust process that seeks total transformation of members of the community.

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