Former President Kibaki was a gentleman of Kenyan Politics

Former President Kibaki will be forever remembered as the gentleman of Kenyan Politics, a brilliant debater; whose eloquence, wit, and charm won the day, time and time again.

His contributions in the Ministry of Finance and as Vice President saw Kenya’s economy grow steadily, fueled by a commodities boom, and fiscal and monetary policies that were the backbone of his economic philosophy.

The late former President Mwai Kibaki lived a dedicated life of public service.

As a university lecturer, a legislator, a Member of Parliament for five decades, a Cabinet Minister, Vice-President, the official leader of Opposition and finally as the Third President of the Republic of Kenya, Emilio Mwai Kibaki was a quintessential patriot, whose legacy of civic responsibility will continue to inspire generations of Kenyans long into the future.

As a leading figure in Kenya’s post-independence history, Kibaki earned the abiding respect and affection of the people of Kenya and other nations throughout the world.

His contributions to the restoration of multi-party democracy as the leader of the official opposition, combined with his track record and impressive credentials, made Kibaki the natural choice for selection as the Opposition’s consensus candidate against President Uhuru Kenyatta’s candidature in the 2002 presidential election.

On 30th December 2002, Kibaki was sworn in as the Third President of the Republic of Kenya. He served as Head of State and Government until 9th April 2013.

The late former President’s administration conceptualized and spearheaded a transformation in critical sectors such as education through the globally lauded free primary education programme, infrastructure developments in transport and energy, and increasing the availability and access to healthcare for his fellow Kenyans.

He in addition championed the realization of the objectives of the East African Community Common Market of trade liberalization for the citizens of the partner states of the East African Community.

His inclusive spirit and conviction for economic empowerment transcended the territory of Kenya towards cross-border economic stability.

Kibaki’s love for Kenya undoubtedly honours Kenya, East Africa, Africa, and the World.


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