Formulate law against environmental behavior, Macron to experts

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on global experts to draft a law that will prosecute violators of environmental policies since commitments made in the 4th session of the United Nations Environmental Assembly are not legally binding.

Macron said the globe is behind in the protection of nature and diversity urging governments to improve on this.

He noted that financing should be pegged on transforming global economies to meet international standards calling on rich countries to give $100Bn towards the green climate fund.

“We have to say that our generation is the one that needs to work on this global environment agenda,” said Macron. 

Speaking at the same forum President Kenyatta on his part said climate change is a threat to the  sustainable economic development globally.

He said the 4th Session comes at a time when the world is grappling with food insecurity and poverty and emphasised on the need to invest in education and capacity building on environmental consciousness.

Kenyatta said innovative solutions must be adopted to encourage a circular economy that involves re-use, recycle and remanufacture to deal with unnecessary wastes.


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