It’s not too late to get rid of these habits and live a happier and healthier life.

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1. Being late

Chronically late people are the worst! Some people are unfailingly late to everything, be it social engagements, work or major appointments. Some of them struggle to let go of this habit while others are oblivious about it. If you’re chronically late to things, just know that your boss, friends, or family are sick of it. It is a sign of disrespect and has probably cost you opportunities and relationships. Just like any other habit, punctuality takes time to be cultivated. Wake up earlier, prepare earlier.

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2. Procrastinating

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The act of putting off meaningful and important tasks, and instead performing the most trivial ones. If you think about it really hard, you may find that procrastination is what’ keeping you from living the life you really want. While you keep putting off travelling, mending your relationships, or moving careers, your life is slipping away. Lack of willpower, self-discipline and decisiveness are what drive us to be procrastinators. The only way to overcome procrastination is to make the self-discipline, motivation, planning and executing part of your daily routine. This eventually becomes your habit and in the end it becomes you. We regret more so the things we HAVEN’T done, than those which we have.

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3. Pessimism

A tendency to see the worst in things. Do it enough and eventually you develop an attitude of hopelessness towards life. It takes a toll on your mental health and can cause all sorts of disorders such as anxiety and depression. How do you combat your constant negative thoughts? Whenever they arise, put them aside. Look at things from a realistic point rather than from an extremely negative (or positive) point. Learn to see it as the glass being half full rather than half empty.

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4. Saying Yes

The ‘Power of Yes’ does exist but there is liberation and freedom in saying a big fat NO. ompe people struggle with declining to refuse anything that i asked of them. If you are one of those people, you will find that your life is now full of duties, obligations and responsibilities that aren’t yours to carry. This causes fatigue, resentment and bitterness. Quit being a people-pleaser and only assent to the duties you’re comfortable doing. Always remember that “NO” is a complete sentence.


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