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‘Frying Squad’ confirm participation in this years Rhino Charge

Veteran drivers Frying squad are the latest entrants to this years off road driving race,Rhino charge,scheduled June 1st at a yet to be announced venue.

The frying squad have taken part in a total of 15 rhino charge events in the past and helped raise ksh.18 million.The money raised in the event goes towards conservation of water towers in the country.

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The Rhino Charge is adrenaline-pumping event that challenges participants to navigate through a series of 13 checkpoints scattered across rugged terrains, testing the limits of both man and machine.

The aim is to conquer each checkpoint and return to the final control point in the shortest possible distance.

Each checkpoint presents a unique challenge, requiring strategic navigation, precise decision-making, and unwavering determination.

Participants face natural obstacles, unpredictable terrains, and the thrill of the unknown.

The race aims to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of water towers.

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