Fuel prices go up in August review

The price of Super Petrol has increased by Ksh 3.47, diesel by Ksh 2.76 and kerosene by Ksh 18.20.

This means that motorists will this month have to dig deeper into their pockets as the prices continue to increase.

In a statement on Friday, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) said that this month’s changes are as a consequence of the increase in the price of fuel imports in the last month.

“…. of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol increasing by 14.18 per cent from UDS279.58 (Ksh 30,278.51) per cubic metre in June 2020 to USD319.23 (Ksh 34,572.60) per cubic metre in July 2020,” the statement read in part.

Diesel increasing by 10.30 per cent from USD302.15(Ksh 32,722.84) per cubic metre to USD333.27 (Ksh 36,093.14) per cubic metre and Kerosene increasing by 127.87 per cent from USD126.39 (Ksh 13,688.03) per cubic metre to USD288.01 (Ksh 31.191.48) per cubic metre

In Nairobi, a litre of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will now retail at Ksh 103.95, Ksh 94.63 and Ksh 83.65 respectively.

In Mombasa, a litre of petrol will retail at Ksh 101.57, diesel Ksh 92.26 and kerosene at Ksh 81.29.

In Kisumu, a litre of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will sell at Ksh 104.62, Ksh 95.49 and Ksh 84.54 respectively.

The new prices will take effect from Saturday 15th August up until September 14 when another review is due.

EPRA said that the current prices are inclusive of revised rates of Petroleum Development Levy for Super Petrol and Diseal as per Legal Notice No. 124 of 10th July 2020.

The new prices are expected to make life more expensive for Kenyans already feeling the impact of reduced economic activity on account of COVID-19 pandemic.



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