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Fully operational Lamu Port sparks investor interest

Lamu Port has recently commenced full-scale operations,welcoming its maiden Cargo Ship last week, loaded with essential food supplies for the World Food Program (WFP).

Lamu Port General Manager Vincent Sidai expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact of the Cargo Ship’s arrival on the local community and economy.

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He noted that the port had already received inquiries from various entities, including USAID, which plans to shift its hub from Djibouti to Lamu to reduce transportation costs.

Additionally, he said that USAID intends to import both packed and bulk food, with the bulk food being processed in Lamu.

Sidai said that the move could substantially lower logistics costs for distributing food not only within Kenya but also to neighboring countries like Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya itself.

The Ethiopian government has also expressed interest in using Lamu Port to import fertilizers, citing the potential for significant business opportunities given Ethiopia’s large population of over 100 million.

The successful arrival of more than 450 trucks at the port, transporting food along the LAPSSET Corridor, has already stimulated economic activity along their routes this including fuel purchases, food, and accommodation, contribute to the overall economic growth.

Furthermore, Sidai also noted that Lamu is a secure location, and that no security incidents or threats have been reported since the port operations began. He urged potential investors to consider Lamu port for investment and business opportunities.

Abubakar Hassan, the Principal Secretary for Investment, expressed confidence in Lamu’s safety and the positive signal sent by the arrival of the first Cargo Ship at the Port.

Citing growing investor trust in the region, Lamu East MP Ruweida Mohamed was enthusiastic about the increased economic activity driven by the port.

Lamu Governor Issa Timammy echoed these sentiments, highlighting the impact the port has had on creating job opportunities for locals.

Timammy encouraged residents to prioritize security and report any suspicious activities to maintain a safe environment and attract more investors to Lamu County.

The county boss also urged investors to ensure that a significant percentage of the workforce comes from the local community.

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