Thousands of fans were treated to a music and fashion extravaganza at the Rift Valley Sports Club in Nakuru.

The event, organized by the Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) through its recognized brand, Smirnoff enthralled fans with music performances from Khaligraph Jones, DJ Grauchi, Redbone, Karoski, Luhya Heat, DJ Insta, DJ Kryptic, DJ Daffy, DJ Munge MC Gog.

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The event, dubbed “Smirnoff Unleash your Edge Fiesta” is the eleventh edition after it was introduced last year, its sole purpose is to bring family and friends together in a space full of music, fashion and good vibes to celebrate life, by creating flavorful experiences that are effortless yet meticulous to Smirnoff audiences.

Speaking during the event, Brigid Wambua, Brand Manager, Smirnoff said, “in orchestrating events like the Unleash Your Edge Fiesta, Smirnoff is not just shaping memorable experiences, we are contributing to the economic pulse of the regions where we have presence.

At Smirnoff, we view each event as an opportunity not only to celebrate but also to create lasting positive effects.”

The event blends with the larger-than-life Smirnoff TM’s We Do We campaign that celebrates the diversity of people that come together to create something extraordinary with fresh and colorful energy.

“Our commitment to driving economic growth and fostering community development goes hand in hand with our dedication to providing unparalleled experiences.

“We believe that by investing strategically in local businesses, we are not just hosting events; we are sowing seeds for sustainable prosperity, “added Wambua.

Besides treating its attendees to a wondrous time, KBL also organized the Smirnoff Battle of the beats competition (SBOB) to help identify the crème de la crème DJs in the country.

The auditions saw top 12 DJ’s from the Rift region selected to battle it out in the next coming weeks for the ultimate prize of being the best DJ in the region and possibly in the country.

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