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Garment factory on the spot over alleged labor malpractices


Workers at a garment factory in Mombasa have raised concern over what they say are instances of unprofessional conduct.

The workers, who held a demonstration to express their discontent, are accusing Ashton Apparel Mombasa EPZ of setting unrealistic productivity targets, leading to harassment and unjust terminations, even for those facing health challenges.

The protests saw Mombasa County Woman Representative Mohammed Zamzam Chimba intervene urging the management to address the concerns raised by the employees.

According to the workers, the absence of union recognition has seen the company ignore their grievances, with their employer failing to submit union deductions, leading to the victimization and dismissal of union leaders. The distressed workers say state of affairs are coming despite the Ministry of Labour summoning the company in 2023 to address issues related to its change in management, with promises of a smooth transition. The agreement, witnessed by various government officials, aimed to address the immediate concerns of the workers.

Earlier this year, the company underwent a change in management with the transition requiring over 8,000 employees to reapply for their positions, setting the stage for discontent within the workforce.


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