GCA taps Nairobi University for $25B climate adaption programme


The Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) has chosen the University of Nairobi in developing solutions that are needed to accelerate climate resilience programmes in Kenya.

Under the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Programme(AAAP), GCA seeks to mobile $25 billion over the next five years in order to strengthen climate-related entrepreneurial initiatives that offer employment and also create green jobs.

According to GCA Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr Patrick Verkooijen who held a High Level Meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta to strengthen support on delivering Kenya’s national climate adaptation objectives AAAP, Africa is currently facing challenges related to COVID-19 pandemic, drought, floods and rising energy and foods prices triggered by the Russia-Ukraine war on the backdrop of climate emergencies that will require massive funding.

The $25 billion AAAP which is the largest acceleration programme launched in November last year is seeking to raise funds to enable Africa increase investment in agriculture and food security, infrastructure and access to finance from the Green Climate Fund.

“Half of the funding, $12.5 billion has already been mobilised while another $12.5 billion financing gap will be needed in the coming years,” said Prof. Verkooijen.

He went on, “In Glasgow global leaders committed to double adaptation finance. Now the global community has to live up to its commitment to address this financing gap.”

GCA partnership with UoN will see capacity development and scale up climate adaptation solution Kenya needs to be resilient in the wake of climates related challenges.

“UoN has the highest concentration of talents. Climate change experts, engineers in agriculture, health, architecture and education. The problems we are confronted with now in Kenya and Africa needs partnerships. We have had a discussion with GCA in how we need to move ahead and contribute the expertise of the UoN to accelerate the issue of climate change,” said Prof. Kiama.

The discussions also featured the deployment of climate smart digital technologies, innovative finance (through insurance) and mainstreaming adaptation into African Development Bank’s regional food resilience investments in the Horn of Africa.

Prof. Verkooijen says financing climate adaptation in Africa will require $33 billion in funding despite only $6 billion flowing from the global north.

Kenya targets to invest $8 billion over 10 years in climate measures which is just 13% of the climate funding need.

“Today, Kenya is already losing 3-5% of GDP to the climate crisis. Kenya cannot solve this crisis alone. It needs to be addressed in collaboration and that is why we as GCA standing steadfast behind the government and the people of Kenya,” he added.

Kenya will also co-host the African Adaptation Investment Summit scheduled for September in the Netherland.

Africa currently contributes only 4% of global greenhouse gases.


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