Gen Kibochi: Military is a Government resource that should be utilised

Discipline, Integrity, Selfless commitment and Professionalism are the four tenets that guide operations at the Kenya Defence Forces.

The results are overwhelming that President Uhuru Kenyatta has tasked the military with revamping ailing and mismanaged Government institutions.

Chief of Defence Forces Robert Kariuki Kibochi says discipline instills a sense of belonging and forgoes personal interests.

“KDF instills discipline from the moment one joins training as a recruit. It’s one principle that separates KDF with other Institutions,” He says.

He says once you are person of integrity you develop trust with the people you work with adding that selfless commitment is all about committing to be selfless in doing something for the greater good.

General Kibochi singles out professionalism as the most important of them all. He argues that training and education are taken seriously in the Military as they enhance professionalism and the other doctrines.

The Chief of Defence forces was speaking to KBC Channel 1, where he was taken to task on the role of KDF in managing public institutions.

He argues that security and development go hand in hand and that the Military has the mandate to assist in areas the Government seeks its help.

“Working with Kenya Railways to restore the railway line to Nanyuki is one such engagement. We have huge expertise in almost all areas, engineering, Medicine, to name but a few, why not use the knowledge to help our Country? He poses.

There was uproar when President Uhuru moved the Kenya Meat Commission to the Ministry of Defence in September last year. General Kibochi says the facility in Athi River was not operating because of lack of modern equipment and management poor.

“We brought a team, some from our IT department, we engaged veterinary doctors and within no time we were able to take it off the ground.  If you ask famers who supply cattle to the Commission, they are the happy lot. Once they deliver, they are paid within 72 hrs,” He said.

The CDF says they in the process of establishing Ulinzi construction company that will be able to undertake tasks in areas of conflict whilst providing security.

“There are places where contractors aren’t comfortable undertaking projects due to insecurity, we have therefore had to provide them with security,

What would happen if we have a construction company managed by the military? Soldiers wouldn’t need to be protected to do the job and it would be cheaper for the Government,” he said.

He pointed out that Engineers from Kenya navy spent just Ksh 50M to rebuild MV Uhuru yet other private contractors had asked for Ksh 1.5b.

“We are ready to undertake any task given to us by the Commander In Chief. We have the capacity and as at now have doctors working with the Ministry of Health since COVID-19 started. There is nothing wrong with involving the military, you don’t pay extra for the work at KMC, or pay the engineers to do the railway, or the navy to do the Kisumu port. In essence the Government is utilizing its resources and KDF is a huge resource,” General Kibochi said.

He said civilian and staff working at KMC were initially apprehensive and thought the Military was going there to issue orders, but with time they realized they were there to do good.

The General believes that once people are taught to do good, they are able to change their culture of working.

His parting shot? “From a broad perspective we haven’t militarized public institutions, look at NMS where General Badi is, He engaged us to support him in areas he had serious challenges like vehicles.  We sent our Kenya Army engineers to their workshop and in the end they were able to get about 200 vehicles back on the road, is this good for the Country or is it bad?”












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