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Muthoni Maingi

As countries continue to go in and out of lockdown, there’s a voracious appetite for good content. We’re depending more heavily on screens to inform and entertain us. In this environment, content is coming into its own, with brands demonstrating a clearer understanding of how a well thought out content strategy can pay off for their brands.

Passionate about the power of the mobile phone and the Internet to change people’s lives meaningfully, Muthoni Maingi founded the Pan-African media company, Of Importance is Life. A direct translation of the Kenyan phrase, “Cha mhimu ni uhai.” This whole phrase is derived from the Pan-African spirit to remain alive, what is important is that we are alive, we are here and talented. The Catalyst is the first product produced by the company.

The Catalyst is a space where you get a weekly round-up of hard-hitting, no holds barred commentary on Africa and the African diaspora. Stretching across themes in politics, culture and entertainment. The show comes to us this September and is hosted by Muthoni Maingi. Each season of the show will have 12 episodes; interview exclusives, and deep cuts on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, newsletter and a podcast.

Are you ready? Stay tuned.


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