Get ready for the first socially distanced festival in Kenya

It’s time for the first socially distanced entertainment festival in Kenya.

Kikwetu festival has decided that enough is enough and will hold the first social-distance concert this coming October. It is no secret that the entertainment and events industry has been badly hit since the pandemic began. Revellers can no longer attend events, concerts or festivals due to the mandatory and important social distance rules, not to mention curfew. Planners and event hosts have since been racking their brains to try and figure out how to hold events while maintaining safety measures

So how exactly will the Kikwetu festival be carried out?

The event will have attendees enjoy the musical entertainment inside their cars or in private viewing areas that observe the two metre rule.

The Kikwetu Festival is a platform that aims at bringing together Kenyans from different tribes, to celebrate the country’s rich cultural diversity. Alll Kenyan musical genres will have a chance to take centre stage. We are talking Genge, Afrofusion, Mugithi, Ohangla, Bango and even raggae.

The theme for the festival is “The Drive-In Experience”. It will be held at the Carnivore Simba Saloon between the 3rd and 4th of October.

This may be the future for concerts.


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