Gideon Moi urges judges to rule in favour of BBI for country’s sake

The Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) party leader Gideon Moi has called on the Court of Appeal judges to ‘do the right thing’, and rule in favour of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). 

The Independence party chairman argues that BBI, which was invalidated by the High Court in May contains proposals that are so pertinent to the political and economic well-being of the country.

“We are praying to God to touch the hearts of the judges handling the BBI case to give it the green light to proceed to the people (referendum),” He said

The Baringo Senator claims that the BBI will necessitate the much sought-after inclusivity of the nation, especially during electioneering periods when the country experiences major divisions. He says, for Kenya to make a great leap forward, leaders must unite, and read from the same page, citing this as the major objective and meaning of the BBI.

“We need to pass the BBI because it has very important recommendations. The most important is inclusivity, bringing Kenyans together.” Moi said during a meeting with KANU delegates from Kirinyaga at the Kabarnet gardens in Nairobi.

Over and above this, Sen. Moi says BBI has clearly articulated how best to deal with runaway corruption and persons who misappropriate public monies.

“Those who oppose BBI are afraid of stipulated consequences of graft. Most of our problems in Kenya are a result of corruption.” He charged

He added that “the poverty we experience is a result of corruption. Those who loot public resources know themselves. That is why when we say when we need to fight corruption they react angrily. Why do you fear a proposal to fight graft if your hands are clean?’’

He said the anti-BBI brigade is afraid that if the BBI goes through, those who loot public resources will be dealt with appropriately.

According to Moi, the BBI proposal on equal sharing of resources could not have come at a better time. He says the recommendation on the percentage of funds to the counties will guarantee development at the grassroots.

The KANU leader further disclosed that he was putting his house in order given that elections are around the corner. He says the country’s oldest party will play a major role in deciding who will succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On his Part, KANU Secretary General Nick Salat asked Kenyans to be wary of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) – the party linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

He lamented that UDA and its leading lights are promoting an ideology that is ‘backward,’ and therefore must be resisted by all.

“Our people have gone to school, they need decent jobs, not wheelbarrows. They need money to grow. Issuing people with wheelbarrows backwardness. No one is proud to be a cart pusher.” He said

“We know the economy may not be doing well, but we cannot reduce our people to the lowest level where we now have to give them wheelbarrows even if they went to school.” The KANU SG added


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