Ginger infused cocktails for the weekend

Refreshing and easy to make ginger-infused cocktails to enjoy at home


Ginger cocktails are one of those amazing drinks that are a complement to any occasion. Ginger as an ingredient brings that perfect blend of spice and heat to any drink. It also has amazing health benefits, which makes it the perfect addition.

Here are some ginger-infused drinks to try out this weekend

NB: Measurements at your own discretion/Tip: You can add syrup or honey to add some sweetness to the drink.

Refreshingly Ginger


What you’ll need: Mint Leaves, dry gin, lemon juice, ginger powder

Mix: Pour the mint leaves in a glass, pour in the remaining ingredients and stir.

Spicy Ginger


 What you’ll need: Green pepper/Jalapenos, Lime juice, ginger, pineapple, cayenne pepper and orange liquor

Mix: Blend the ginger, pineapple, lime juice, green peppers, pour the mixture into a glass, add the liquor and garnish with the cayenne pepper

Carbonated Dawa


What you’ll need: Rum, Lemon juice, honey, ginger powder, mint leaves

Mix: Put the mint leaves into a shaker, pour all the other ingredients and shake. Pour into a glass and add ice cubes and a touch of sprite/tangawizi

Ginger Coke

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What you’ll need: Rum, Coke, Lime juice, ginger, honey

Mix: Blend the ginger and honey, pour the pulp into a shaker then add lime juice and rum. Shake then pour into glass and top with the coke.

Ginger lemon drop


What you’ll need: Vodka, Lemon juice, sugar, lemon slice, ginger powder

Mix: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and shake.



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