Globe marks world TV day

By Edward Kabasa

The globe marks world TV day against a background in which its role in shaping public opinion and decision making remains debatable with the advent of social media platforms.

The latest statistics indicate at least 3 million Kenyans have a set top box which tells a story of how the impact of television cannot be ignored as a powerful tool for raising public awareness.

November 21st is a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the global cultural impact of television as a telecommunication medium.

For years the television has remained one of the most trusted sources of information, with Kenyans spending hours in front of the TV set daily.

The world has seen images on television that have helped shape public policy and decision making by bring world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security, as well as sharpen the focus on economic and social issues.

The history of television dates back to 1927.

The initial signal showed black and white images before it transformed to colored pictures and in the last 5 years broadcast has shifted to a digital platform with the advent of globalization.

In Kenya, the introduction of the digital mode of broadcasting in 2014 has seen over 60 percent of Kenyans subscribe to television, with the Communication Authority of Kenya estimating that over 3 million set-top boxes have been sold so far.

However the internet has in the recent times rivaled the television, creating a near tag of war between these two mediums with the patent question of agenda setting being a subject of debate.

World TV day was set aside by the UN to bring focus on the importance of television in people’s lives.


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