Go the extra mile this Valentine’s day

There’s no escaping Valentine’s Day.

How do you get around Valentine’s day to ensure you have as much fun as you can? How and when do you spend the day with your significant other? What little pleasures do you add on to make sure your day turns around from ordinary to super special?

Choosing the right gift for your loved one is usually a good start and leaves a more lasting memory than anything else. For a day that is characterized by good food, cards, flowers and other gifting ideas, a good drink as a gifting idea never goes unappreciated. And the good thing about this, you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your partner since most good drinks are affordably priced.

However, it pays to go the extra mile when getting the right drink for your partner.

Some people may appreciate a bottle of wine, champagne, whisky or even gin either by paired with their favourite meals or may choose to enjoy the drink by itself as they wind down. So many things go into selecting such drinks such as the right flavour, colour, combinations and so on. For instance, some may choose sparkling wines such as Chardonnay Terrazas or the popular Cloud Bay wines or even the different types of Champagne such as Moët & Chandon or those that are readily available to them.

The perfect gift for HER may be sparkling wine or champagne while for HIM you may want to grab a whisky or a cognac or any of their favorites. However, popular whiskies and cognacs like Glenmorangie and Hennessy have long been associated a lot more as the perfect gifts for Valentine’s due to their stylish packaging and delivery. And they just might be a great gift for him since they are seen as bold, superior and complex and according to connoisseurs, they are most preferred for their powerful statement in the palette.

While gifting is important, selection of the venue for a dinner with your loved one is just as important to consider. Quiet but intimate joints such as restaurants or hotels or even seren parks for those that love outdoor fun would be the ideal location. Your home too, is also a good location especially during current times of the pandemic where places with high traffic would put you and your loved at risk.





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