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Government assures quality HIV testing services

Principal Secretary for medical services at the Ministry of Health Harry Kimtai

The government has confirmed that as of December 2023, over 1.3 million People Living with HIV were under treatment across 3,752 facilities nationwide.

In the statement, Principal Secretary Ministry of Health, Harry Kimtai read on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha stated that Kenya conducts more than 8 million HIV tests across 8,851 testing sites, demonstrating the nation’s commitment to standardized and accessible testing services annually.

“This progress results from consistent policy guidance by the ministry to support and ensure accurate and safe HIV testing, comprehensive care and prevention services for all Kenyans.” He said.

According to the statement, Kenya remains steadfast in its fight against HIV/AIDS, holding the 7th position globally for its HIV epidemic. With approximately 1.4 million individuals living with HIV (PLHIV), in the country persists in delivering comprehensive care and preventive measures.

He added that in response to evolving guidance and new evidence, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended using a three- test algorithm in HIV diagnosis for all countries.

This protocol means that three different test kits would be used in a sequential manner for accurate HIV diagnosis.

He further stated, following stringent measures for the adoption of the WHO protocol, Kenya had managed to be among the first ten countries to transition to the three- test algorithm for HIV diagnosis.

“The three- test algorithm for HIV diagnosis marks a pivotal advancement in diagnostic accuracy, which is critical in Kenya’s fight against HIV and AIDS, underscoring the MOH’s dedication to the health and well- being of all citizens.” Kimtai said.

He acknowledged that the ministry was deeply concerned about claims of poor quality of HIV testing services in the country.

In addition, he also said that it was important to not roll back gains made in response to HIV due to misinformation .

“The WHO also supports member countries in global pharmacovigilance. There is no advisory on poor quality of HIV testing services in Kenya,” he said.

In conclusion he assured Kenyans of the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to ensuring access to the highest quality health services and urged Kenyans to continue seeking HIV testing across the country.

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