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Government commits to spur creative economy

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has underscored the government’s commitment to enabling the creative economy.

Speaking during the 62nd edition of the National Drama and Film Festival dubbed Unlocking Opportunities for socio-economic Transformation through Drama and Film at Kang’aru Girls School in Embu County, the DP emphasized that the government is cognizant of technological advancement worldwide that has brought immense opportunities for different platforms that if harnessed will give a powerful avenue for growth in the creative economy and will also provide unlimited opportunities for nurturing talents.

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The creative economy has also become one of the major revenue contributors to the country’s economy and has not only created employment opportunities but has also significantly aided the fight against vices in society.

“The Creative Economy contributes 3.1% to the global GDP- with the Cultural and Creative Industry absorbing more youth between 15 and 25 years- the same age bracket as most of those in this auditorium today. Fifteen years ago, the Sector was worth 85 Billion Shillings, equivalent to 5.3% of our country’s GDP.  Riding on this potential, the Government aims at doubling the earnings,” DP Rigathi said.

He added, “In a reflection of contemporary Kenya, young people are under immense pressure to perform and join careers considered colourful and high-flying. But, the Creative Industry is another powerful avenue to earn a dignified life and a vehicle to unlimited success.”

Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua has also urged for concerted efforted between those in the creative industry especially film and drama and has challenged them to use their talents to run campaigns creatively that speak against vices such alcoholism and drug abuse, gender-based violence among others.

“AS we looked at these performances I saw the one on drug abuse, I ask our producers to do productions on the situation we find ourselves in as a country. I am willing to sponsor my office,” he said.

He has however highlighted the dangers that the digital spaces pose especially to the young generation saying the government will work with the relevant ICT ministry to streamline government intervention.

“Any form of exploitation of our children, including in digital spaces, will be firmly dealt with. In a multi-agency approach, we are taking diverse, drastic, and resolute measures. We invite the public to work with us in highlighting such crimes for swift action.”

“Hawa watoto they have communicated to us nimeona mtoto denying her brother because ako na condition. This was a great festival and the performances have touched me because it is a true reflection of what happens. Let us love our people, let us accept them, show them love and compassion, and make them feel like part of the society,” the Deputy President said.

Embu County Governor Cecily Mbarire is committed to ensuring the county government works with the national government to harness opportunities in the creative industry.

“It is encouraging to see the national government create avenues to monetize different social platforms. We commit to work with all stakeholders to grow the creative economy,” remarked the Governor.

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