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Government convenes cybersecurity roundtable amid rising threats

The government through the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Digital Economy is set to hold a multi-stakeholder roundtable on cybersecurity in a bid address challenges facing the sector.

The roundtable will bring together stakeholders from the private and public sector to deliberate on cyber risks, as the government aims to adopt a collaborative approach to curb cyber threats in the digital space.

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In a statement issued on Saturday, the ICT Ministry emphasized that collaboration between the Public and private sector in cyber security management will foster information sharing, policy, framework and regulation as well as public awareness and education.

“As we navigate this ever-changing cyber landscape, the collaboration and co-ordination between the private and public sector will play a pivotal role in safeguarding our nation against cyber threats,” the statement read in part.

In the past week, several cyber-attacks have been attempted on both government and private sector platforms.The eCitizen portal which offers over 5,000 government services was among the targets of the unsuccessful attacks.

“It is imperative that we prioritize collaboration between the private sector and public sector in pulling our resources and expertise, so as to fortify our defenses against these increasing cyber-attacks, and enhance our collective cyber readiness and resilience,” the ICT Ministry says.

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