Government launches eat healthy campaign to fight virus

The government has launched a campaign to enlighten Kenyans on eating healthy as part of efforts to combat Covid-19 infections.

The campaign targets to establish kitchen gardens in at least a million homesteads in a bid to boost healthy nutrition across the country.

Speaking while releasing the the National Covid-19 Nutrition and Healthy Diet guidelines, Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture Ann Nyaga noted that both rural and urban dwellers will get kits to set up the gardens.

“Guidelines have been issued to support rural and urban dwellers with simple technologies for setting up the gardens thorough Kenya Climate Smart Agricultural Programme and National Inclusive Growth Project across the 47 counties,” said Nyaga.

Distribution of the kits in Mombasa and Nairobi counties will be done through the Ministry of Interior with the help of Nyumba Kumi and Ministry of Devolution through the social safety net platform.

Nyaga thanked the the private sector who have already donated 250,000 starter kits towards the initiative and welcomed more partners to join in the noble cause.

Speaking at the same function, Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Health Dr Rashid Aman urged Kenyans to adopt healthy living by eating healthy diets, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, keeping physically active, quitting smoking, limiting or avoiding alcohol intake, and getting enough sleep are key components of a healthy lifestyle.

While emphasizing the importance of healthy living he noted that people with non-communicable diseases conditions such as heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disorders, among other NCDs are more susceptible to contracting Covid-19 disease.

“We urge persons with these conditions to follow all the precautionary measures for preventing COVID 19, with great discipline. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is important now more than ever before,” she noted.

A healthy lifestyle will ensure that the body functions better and improve the immune system.

Further guidelines spelt out by the ministry of agriculture include reduction of food loss, wastage and availability of food throughout the pandemic and after.

Agriculture CAS assured the nation of food security noting that the ministry has put adequate measures to ensure availability of our national staples.

“We are closely monitoring the status of farms and the market flows to ensure that there is adequate food in the country,” said Agriculture CAS.

Anyone seeking assistance from the ministry of agriculture should call their hot line number 0800724891.



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