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Government receives confirmed reports of Rift Valley Fever outbreak


Government has put all counties on high alert for the potential spread of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF).

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura in a statement said that the government has received a confirmed report of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in North Horr, Marsabit County with ongoing investigations to identify additional cases and assess the extent of the outbreak.

Mwaura attributed the outbreak to the recent El Nino rains which led to a surge in mosquito population thus an increased transmission of vector borne diseases.

The public have further been advised to avoid handling and consumption of uninspected
meat, use protective equipment when handling animal births, discard animal stillbirths and dispose off carcasses.

Individuals experiencing fever are advised to visit nearest health facility for assessment.

Mwaura noted that the government has also distributed over 1.2 million Insecticide treated mosquito nets across the country, and members of the public are advised to use them.

He said that the Ministry of Health, through the Directorate of Veterinary Services and the County Governments are working closely to monitor the situation and enhance disease surveillance.

Rift Valley fever

Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans.

It is transmitted by mosquitoes and blood feeding flies. In humans, the disease ranges from a mild flu-like illness to severe haemorrhagic fever that can be lethal.

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