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Climate change mitigation: Government replaces motorcycles for chiefs with electric ones 


The Government is phasing out more than 13,000 fuel-injected motorcycles being used by chiefs and their assistants with electric ones.

Internal Security and National Administration Principal Secretary Dr. Raymond Omollo said the move is aimed at improving mobility and efficient service delivery at locations and sub-location level.

Speaking at his Harambee House office today while launching the pilot project’s distribution of the first batch of 22 motorcycles, the PS said the initiative placed chiefs and their assistants at the centre of the fight against climate change in the grassroots.

“Besides mobilising wananchi at the location and sub-location levels to grow trees, the use of electric motorcycles by the administrators boosts our climate action efforts at the grassroots,” he said.

Dr. Omollo said the 22 motorcycles would benefit the administrators in Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos and Nairobi.

More motorcycles will be distributed in the pilot project expected to take one month before a phased roll-out targeting all parts of the country.

“This Initiative, covering twenty-two locations within the four counties, aims to enhance the efficiency of NGAOs in the service delivery, solving the challenges of transport and supporting our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable solutions,” said Dr. Omollo.

The PS said priority will be given to vast counties and remote areas facing security challenges for easy e-mobility of the officers.

There are 3,972 locations and 9,055 sub-locations in the country.

Dr. Omollo said police officers and other National Government Administration Officers (NGAOs) will in future be issued with electric vehicles for official use.

He noted that NGAOs did not have enough vehicles for field officers and motorcycles for chiefs and assistant chiefs and the acquisition would go a long way in enhancing their operations.

The PS said the officers will be trained on the use and maintenance of the electric motorcycles before being issued with them.

Refresher training will also be conducted from time to time on a need basis, he added.

Dr. omollo explained that the transition from fueled motorcycles will go a long way in the fight against air pollution, primarily due to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The PS encouraged the private sector to purchase the e-motors.

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