Government touts development credentials in coast counties


State House has underscored the billions of shillings in massive development projects invested in the six coastal counties since the Jubilee administration came into office, saying they were key to improving lives of ordinary people there.

Mr Manoah Esipisu, the State House Spokesperson, told journalists that said the development credentials of the Jubilee Administration were clear for everyone to see, and no amount of “juvenile tantrums from any quarters” would negate the improved service delivery to the coastal region.

Speaking on Sunday at his first news briefing of the year at State House Mombasa, Mr Esipisu said the Government had pumped billions of shillings to fund improved security, healthcare, roads, markets, electricity to homes and schools in efforts whose fruits people were already reaping.

Security had gained from 177 vehicles under the government’s innovative leasing programme, more than 1,000 police officers, and a satellite security surveillance system that had drastically improved security in Mombasa and other tourist centres, breathing life back into the tourism sector, Mr Esipisu said.

“Improved security, better roads, a better performing port, in general better lives for the people of this region. That is what this administration promised, and that’s what it is delivering,” Mr Esipisu said.

“When we visited here in late 2013, most of you spoke of security concerns. You no longer do. Why? Because of the investments in men and equipment, in addition to tactical operational changes in the last three years.”

The President’s Spokesperson cited the infrastructure sector where the National Government has pumped billions of shillings to undertake road development projects as well as the supply of the latest modern equipment to 12 hospitals in the region.

Mr Esipisu, who spoke as President Uhuru Kenyatta wrapped up his visit to the region, also cited the massive electrification project targeting schools and homes that has seen more than a thousand schools and more than 350,000 homes connected to the national grid since 2013.

He also spoke on water projects in Kwale, Mombasa, Taita Taveta and Tana River County aimed at improving and creating a steady water supply for the residents of the region.

Besides the projects that have been completed, the State House Spokesperson also revealed development initiatives that are in the pipeline or whose implementation is almost commencing.

“The administration of President Kenyatta has invested billions of shillings to significantly improve infrastructure – roads, the port, health, education in this region,” said Esipisu.

He first  spoke on the Managed Equipment Services project that has ensured that at least two hospitals in each of the six counties in the region have been kitted fully with the latest diagnostic machines under the Managed Equipment Services programme.

These medical equipment and facilities that have cost billions of Shillings include theatres, renal units, and Intensive Care Units. Sterilization and surgical sets and imaging and radiology equipment have also been installed in all the targeted hospitals.

“In Mombasa County, the Coast General Hospital has been kitted with modern equipment at the cost of Sh 460 million while the Likoni Level 4 hospital has been equipped with facilities at a cost of Sh 430 million,” said Mr Manoah.

He also listed all the hospitals in the other counties that have benefited from the project.

In Kilifi County, the Malindi Level 5 Hospital was equipped at the cost of Sh 430 million while the Kilifi Level 4 Hospital was equipped at the cost of Sh 380 million.

In Kwale County, Msambweni Level 5 Hospital was equipped at the cost of Sh 460 million while Kinango Level 4 Hospital was equipped at a cost of Sh 380 million.

In Lamu County, Lamu Level 5 was supplied with modern medical equipment and facilities worth Sh430 million. In addition, KSHS 200 Million was given to the Lamu Level 5 Hospital as a special grant to upgrade it. Faza Level 4 Hospital was also equipped with medical equipment at the cost Sh380 million.

In Taita Taveta County, Voi Level 5 Hospital was equipped at a cost of Sh430 million while Taveta Level 4 Hospital was equipped at a cost of Sh380 million.

Hola Level 5 Hospital and Garsen Level 4 Hopsital in Tana River were equipped at the cost of Sh430 million and Sh380 million respectively.

On the electrification project, Mr Manoah said the Government has spent billions of Shillings to bring electricity to homes to replace hurricane lamps and light up schools.

The Government has also spent funds to light up trading centers to improve security and ensure businesses can be open for longer.

“A total of 1,241 primary schools have been connected to the National Grid in the six counties in this region since 2013,” said the State House Spokesperson.

The breakdown of the schools connected to electricity is 85 schools in Mombasa County, 453 in Kilifi County, 344 in Kwale County, 109 in Lamu County, 184 in Taita Taveta County and 66 in Tana River County.

The breakdown of the households connected to electricity is 263,104 households in Mombasa County from 118,239 in June 2013; 102,749 households in Kilifi County from 46,692 in June 2013; 39, 023 households in Kwale County from 16,490 in June 2013; 11,008 households in Lamu County from 3,501 in June 2013; 29,645 households in Taita Taveta County from 10,938 in June 2013 and 5,621 households in Tana River County from 2,685 in  2013.

Mr Manoah also cited the massive investment in the port of Mombasa that has seen the capacity of the gateway to east and central Africa expanded.

“The Mombasa Port Development Project Phase 1 is now complete. This project has increased container handling at the Mombasa Port by 550,000 TEUs to 1.5 million TEUs.  This has been done at a cost of KSHS 26.5 Billion,” said Mr Manoah.

With regard to roads, Mr Manoah said the construction of the access road to Unsoa at Changamwe Industrial Area in Mombasa has been completed at a cost of KSHS 186 Million, Mr Manoah said.

“Work is still on-going on the maintenance of Sabasaba–Malindi B8 Road (KSHS 247 Million), Port Reitz–Moi International Airport Rd (KSHS 2.79 Billion) as well as the construction of the Mombasa Southern Bypass at a cost of KSHS 12 Billion,” he said.

Mr Manoah also cited the near completion of the Taita Taveta County, the Voi Mwatate Road, which has been in a dilapidated state for decades.

“Less than 2 km of the 100 km stretch remains. It will open up great trading opportunities between Tanzania, Taveta and Voi and has been constructed at a cost of Sh 8.4 Billion,” he said

In the same county, the Voi Township roads, which include Edward Maghanga that is 1.8km, Mwatamaa Rd, which is 0.8km and the Main Access Rd is currently on-going, all at a cost of KSHS 245 Million.

The Government has also spent Sh 477 million to undertake spot improvement and routine maintenance of the Charedende–Bura Rd, Makutano–Hola Rd and the Hola Township roads are all complete.

“With regards to water projects in the region, Baricho Works Expansion Project is about to begin and is expected to serve 150,000 people in the larger Malindi area, at a cost of Sh 2.7 Billion,” said the State House Spokesperson.

In Kwale County, the Nyalani Water Supply Project (at the cost of Sh83 million) in Kinango Constituency is currently on-going, whereas the rehabilitation of Mkanda Dam (Sh200 million) was completed and already commissioned by the President.

In Mombasa County, the Mombasa Informal Settlement Lots 1 and 2 have been completed at a total cost of KSHS 267 Million. These water projects provide for close to 20,000 residents in Nyali Constituency.

In Taita Taveta County, the expansion of the Taveta–Lumi water supply (Sh100 million) that is expected to serve 60,000 people in the Taveta area is complete.

In Tana River County, the Hirimani and the Walestoka Water Pans are complete and are currently under production. These projects were done at a cost of Sh 108 Million.

The Tawfig and Waldena Water Pans are almost complete, with a capacity of 60,000m3 and 70,000m3respectively and are being constructed at a cost of Sh 150 Million.

Mr Manoah also dwelt on the various development projects that are in the pipeline for the region including the expansion of the Malindi Airport, which will start later this year.

The works that will include expansion of the runway and improvement of the apron at the cost of Sh 50 million will boost the capacity of the airport.

“In Kwale County, works on the Ukunda–Lunga Lunga Rd as well as the Bachuma–Maji Ya Chumvi road is on-going at a cost of KSHS 226 Million and Ksh 4.9 Billion respectively” said Mr Manoah.

Work is also expected to being soon on Kwale–Mwalugaje Rd (Sh 630 Million), Milalani–Mivumoni–Kilulu Rd (KSHS 944 Million), Kwale–Golini Rd (KSHS 345 Million), as well as the Kwale–Kinango–Samburu Rd. There is also work to improve roads in Kwale Township.

“In Lamu County, works have begun on the first three berths at a cost of Sh 49 Billion. Feasibility studies have been done on the LAPPSET Railways project and will cost of Sh12.9 billion, while additional works at Manda Airport on improving the runway and apron, at a cost of KSHS 65 Million is expected to being soon,” said Mr Manoah

He also revealed that the construction of the Garsen–Witu–Lamu Rd at a cost of Sh 10.3 billion is about to begin and the contract for this road has already been awarded.


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