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Governor Abdullahi signs deal to revolutionize revenue collection

The partnership aims to improve operational efficiency and ensure the optimal utilization of resources

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has signed a groundbreaking agreement with Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to create youth employment, enhance revenue collection and combat revenue pilferage in his county.

According to Governor Abdullahi, the strategic partnership aims to improve operational efficiency and ensure the optimal utilization of resources.

“Under the terms of the agreement, KCB will collaborate closely with the County administration to streamline revenue collection processes,” the Governor said.

“Additionally, the bank will extend its support to Wajir County in various aspects of human resource management, such as efficiently managing payroll and agents,” he added.

To leverage the benefits of KCB’s advanced online platform, Vuma, Abdullahi said the county will also receive guidance and assistance from the bank.

The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) team involved in this collaboration includes Mr. Benson Rateng, the Regional Relations Manager, Ms. Fatuma Kandi, the Corporate Relations Manager, Edwin Otieno, Head of Agency Banking, and Siyad Ibrahim, the KCB Wajir Branch Manager.

During the meeting, the County administration entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the branch manager of KCB Wajir Siyad Ibrahim.

The purpose of this collaboration is to focus on various areas, including Access to Education scholarships, aimed at supporting post-lower primary education according to the criteria set by the KCB Foundation.

“There is massive potential in our livestock and Agricultural sector and we shall continue attracting and engaging relevant stakeholders and investors to tap into our vast blessed lands and resources across Wajir County.”

Additionally, the partnership will extend to providing access to County Vocational Training Centres through the 2Jiajiri propositions.

The county administration will also facilitate capacity building and mentorship programs for the beneficiaries of Education Scholarships and the 2Jiajiri Program.

Furthermore, the collaboration will encompass capacity building initiatives for the beneficiaries of the ‘Mifugo ni Mali’ Program.

Moreover, the County administration will ensure the provision of paid internships and job opportunities for the graduates of the 2Jiajiri Program.

This proactive approach, the Governor said is part of his campaign pledge to forge alliances that reflects his commitment to improving governance and service delivery within Wajir County.

“By joining forces with KCB, the county aims to modernize its revenue collection system and eliminate any potential leakages, ultimately enhancing transparency and accountability,” he held.

This landmark collaboration between Wajir County and Kenya Commercial Bank holds great promise for bolstering the county’s financial management practices.

The partnership is poised to drive positive change and contribute to the overall development of Wajir, benefiting both its residents and the local economy.

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