Governor Dr. Ottichilo assents to two Bills to boost Health services

Health infrastructure and services in Vihiga County are set to improve following the signing into to law of two crucial Bills.

Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo assented into law the County Health Facilities Improvement Fund Bill 2019 and the County Health Services Bill 2019, which were ratified by the County Assembly.

Vihiga County Assembly Speaker Hasna Mudeizi accompanied by several Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) were present to witness the signing to law of the two Bills.
Ottichilo hailed the County Assembly for fast tracking the Bills, saying the two had provided his administration with the legal framework to enable streamlining of the County’s health system to international standards.

“The two laws will enable my administration to manage the health sector through a proper legal framework. The truth is we have been running the health system in a rather haphazard manner,” Ottichilo observed.

The Health Facilities Improvement Fund Act gives the county administration express authority to source for development funds, both internal and externally, to improve infrastructure in all health facilities in the County.

At the same time, the Health Services Act will ensure the delivery of quality health services by all the health facilities.

“The signing into law of the two Bills comes at a time when our Country is focused on improvement of healthcare as occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic.” The Governor noted.

Dr. Ottichilo used the opportunity to appeal for development aid from local and international donors, while assuring them of prudent management of the resources.

The Governor urged the County Assembly leadership to also fast track the passing of the Disaster Management Bill 2019.

Once ratified and enacted, The Disaster Management Bill 2019 will enable the County Government mitigate catastrophes such as the Covid-19 Pandemic and floods that
continue to wreak havoc not only in Vihiga but several parts of the country.

The county assembly Speaker reaffirmed the Assembly’s commitment toward working closely with the executive in order to improve service delivery to the residents.

Mudeizi said the two Acts will ensure the locals enjoy accessible, affordable and high quality health services.



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