Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir has suspended construction of buildings in the County until further notice. This after a preliminary report indicated that 97 buildings were being built without the county’s approval. Governor Nassir has now given contractors and investors a seven day ultimatum to resubmit their drawings and all necessary documents for re-approval before construction works can resume. Addressing the media at the governor’s office, Nassir said that the preliminary report further indicates that 67 buildings that are under construction differs from the designs and plans submitted to the county for approval. “The most shocking thing is that we have three properties that were issued with stop orders but construction is still ongoing, which is illegal,” Nassir said. The governor has asked the owners of three properties in Majengo King’orani, Old town and another in Likoni to present themselves to the county within the next seven days, failure to which the county will seek orders for them to be arrested for endangering the lives of Mombasa people. “There is a property in Majengo Kingorani where despite the fact that there was an order stpping the construction due to poor quality of work, yet works is still continuing. In Old Town, someone decided to add two flows on an already existing nine story structure illegally,” he said. “The one in Likoni was already condemned in March after it partially collapsed. This must stop, we cannot be a county where people just build without plans,” Nassir said. Nassir added that the county will revisit all the sites that were issued with stop orders to confirm if the orders were adhered to failure to which tougher actions will be taken against the property owners. All property developers have until Thursday next week to reapply for approval as ordered by the governor. In his third executive order of his administration, Nassir commissioned a taskforce to assess and audit compliance in the construction in Mombasa. Nassir said that the intention was to ensure that all buildings in Mombasa are up to code and provide occupants with adequate infrastructure for water and sewerage. He promised that Mombasa County will work hand in hand with the NCA to effect the recommendations of the construction taskforce to improve the standard of living in Mombasa while maintaining good order.

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