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Governor Sakaja puts land grabbers on notice

Over 700 pieces of grabbed land have been recovered.

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has issued a stern warning to land grabbers in Nairobi.

Sakaja announced that the County has reclaimed over 700 pieces of land so far, with many more targeted for recovery.

The Governor spoke on Friday after a joint effort with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), to reclaim a five-acre piece of land in Karen meant for sewer treatment that was illegally grabbed and subdivided.

Sakaja revealed that land rates defaulters owe the County nearly a trillion shillings.

He said that the County has issued notices to the defaulters, warning that their properties will be auctioned if they fail to settle their dues.

“We have published land rate defaulters in all newspapers. The amount owed to the city is almost amounting to a Trillion. The burden of payment is on a few people and we are going to start taking action soon,” he warned.

Sakaja commended the EACC for working with the County government to recover grabbed parcels of land in the city.

“We want to put land grabbers on notice. What belongs to the people of Nairobi shall remain for the people of Nairobi. We have the land records and paper trail from 1901 when Nairobi city started as a council therefore, we will catch up with you,” said Sakaja.

Among the reclaimed properties is Mutuini Market, where a new market and bus terminal are being constructed.

The 244-million-shilling market is expected to be completed by August, thanks to the community’s efforts in championing the land’s recovery.

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