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Governors urged to embrace self-reflection and fiscal responsibility

The Prime Cabinet Secretary emphasized that while significant progress has been made, challenges remain

Prime Cabinet Secretary Dr. Musalia Mudavadi has advocated for a deeper sense of self-reflection and fiscal responsibility among Governors and called for an urgent need for a transformative shift in leadership approaches.

Prime CS emphasized the paramount significance of introspection and self-assessment within the realm of governors and other leaders.

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“If you are a governor overseeing an administration, ask yourself whether you act as a facilitator or an obstructor?” he said.

The Prime Secretary extended this imperative to leaders within the national government.

This call for self-evaluation highlighted the power of facilitative leadership as a driving force for progress and development across all levels of governance.

Acknowledging the transformative influence of devolution, the Prime Cabinet Secretary emphasized that while significant progress has been made, challenges remain.

He noted, “Devolution has impacted our society tremendously; there are still some challenges; however, we need to focus more on budget institutions, pending bills, continuous capacity building, and better financial management.” He said.

He hailed the significant milestone of Kenya’s 10-year journey with 47 devolved governments, marking a decade since the inception of devolution.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 8th Devolution Conference held at the Eldoret Sports Club in Uasin Gishu County, Mudavadi said the success story of devolution can only be equated to a “critical crown,” encapsulating its essence in reshaping the nation’s governance landscape.

“In the past decade, devolution has become the cornerstone of Kenya’s governance model, empowering Kenyans and fostering localised solutions,” Mudavadi remarked, setting the tone for discussions during the conference.

The opening ceremony, graced by President William Ruto as its Guest of Honour, saw a diverse array of attendees, including Governor Anne Waiguru of Kirinyaga County, who is also the chair of the Council of Governors, and several other governors.

Other notable dignitaries such as Senate Speaker Amos Kingi and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Glady Boss were also among the participants.

The gathering further included several members of parliament and diplomatic representatives, notably the US Ambassador Meg Whitman, who delivered a speech centred on the profound influence of devolution over the past ten years.

Mudavadi observed that President William Ruto’s presence as the chief guest, along with the attendance of nearly half of his administration, underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to devolution and its profound effects on governance, development, and the synergy between national and county governments underscoring devolution as a central pillar of Kenya’s democratic evolution.

“Your being here has significance and demonstrating unwavering support that you have  for Devolution.” He said.

Under the theme “A Decade of Devolution: Towards a Brighter Future,” the conference not only commemorates the journey but also illuminates the trajectory ahead.

The PCS said that this 8th devolution conference is a celebration , because devolution has transcended from  being a mere concept to  tangible practice that is geared towards shaping and empowering all Kenyans to take an active role in the nation’s development.

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