Govt declines to extend Mau Forest deadline

The government maintains that next week’s deadline to have those illegally residing within the Mau forest will not be extended.

Rift valley regional commissioner George Natembeya says seventy percent of those occupying the water catchment have already voluntarily moved out of the forest.

With seven days to the 31st deadline, the government is still maintaining its stance on the Mau evictions.

Rift Valley Regional commissioner George Natembeya gave a stern warning to those planning to frustrate government’s efforts to reclaim the critical water tower.

Natembeya saying only 30 per cent of those illegally occupying the forest are yet to move out.

over 2000 families are reported to have already vacated the forest since the government issued the deadline even as some families still residing within the water tower call for an extension of the Thursday’s deadline.

The government plans to plant 13 million trees in the area as well as put beacons every 100 meters to ensure the forest border is clear to stop future encroachment.

once the  2nd phase is completed, the government intends to start surveying 3rd phase boundaries as efforts to recover the entire water catchment gathers pace.


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