Govt kicks off distribution of relief, medical supplies to flood victims

The government has kicked off distribution of relief and medical supplies to families affected by ongoing floods as heavy rains continue to pound most of the country.

Devolution Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa says the government has put in place elaborate mitigation mechanisms to mitigate the effects of ongoing floods that have claimed at least 29 people so far.

Households displaced in what is now a drastic change of weather patterns from prolonged drought to now heavy rains that has left in its wake 29 people dead and 11,700 others displaced with over 10,000 livestock reported dead.

The government now announcing a raft of mitigation measures including assessment and aid distribution to families affected by the floods.

Devolution Cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa was in Wajir county and parts of the larger north Easter region Friday, promising government’s commitment to ensure consistent food and medical supplies.

Wamalwa says the national government will work closely with county administrations in a bid to mitigate the effects of floods.

Mandera governor Ali Roba says his county government was already pressed financially having dealt with the recent drought spell and want the national government to step in.

According to the weatherman heavy rains are expected this weekend with the torrential rains expected to subside in December.


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