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Government, private sector to partner to develop country’s digital economy

President William Ruto (Right) met met the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Center on Adaptation Prof Patrick Verkooijen at State House Nairobi.

President Ruto said the Government has made a deliberate decision to use technology to develop its policies, programs and agenda in accelerating development.

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He mentioned the move to ensure that all Government services are transferred to the digital system as a sufficient example that technology is now developing the country’s economy.

Speaking during the 10th anniversary celebrations of the IBM Research Lab-Africa at the Catholic University of East Africa in Karen, Nairobi, on Thursday, the President said Kenyans can now access 10,000 services online.

“We intend to ensure that all our Government services are moved to the digital system effectively,” said President Ruto.

He said the digital system will ensure efficiency thus eliminating inefficiency, corruption and wastage of public resources.

The Head of State noted that for the first time in the history of Kenya, farmers were able to receive their fertilizer from the Government without interference from companies that bought it at a cheap price and sold it to them at a high price.

“This year’s fertilizer subsidy program was the most successful because farmers used online vouchers to get the product. This is why brokers and business companies had no place in the exercise,” said President Ruto.

Dr Ruto said he is confident that the universal healthcare bill, which is in Parliament, if passed and becomes law, will be implemented properly because it will be implemented digitally.

He said that the Government has endeavored to protect the future of the country by using technology to provide solutions that improve human life and well-being, to keep a competitive, diverse and strong economy and to strengthen the resilience and security of the community and the nation against all threats.

The Head of State said that it is the job of leadership to think about the future of opportunities and solutions, and it is the job of designers to design, while it is the job of technology to reconcile the two in order to provide a vision of the future that is safe and sustainable.

“This event brings together all the key players in one place, and it is fitting that technology, research, development and innovation be at the heart of our ambition to have a prosperous, stable and strong Kenya,” said President Ruto.

At the same time, President Ruto, urged investors to use the digital potential in the African continent.

He said that over the past year, he has used many occasions to make strong arguments for investors, international organizations and technology companies to shift their strategic focus to Africa, the young, green continent of the future, by doing so, using geographic advantage. of Kenya as the gateway to the region and the continent.

“An environment of opportunity is emerging in our continent. A large market of 1.4 billion people has emerged under the Free Trade Zone of the African continent and various regional economic zones that interact,” said Dr Ruto.

He said that the majority of people in Africa are young, educated, knowledgeable and motivated.

President Ruto added that the African continent has many natural resources, including important minerals needed by the global transition to clean and green industries.

“Our continent also has great potential for renewable energy,” he said.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology Eliud Owalo said his ministry will continue to cooperate with the private sector in research matters with the intention of meeting the technological needs of the country.

US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman said companies from the US will take advantage of opportunities in Kenya for the common benefit of the citizens of the two countries.

He praised President Ruto’s Government for creating the right environment for IBM among other companies to establish their operating centers in the country.

“Kenya will continue to be a good place for American companies to find opportunities in various sectors of the economy,” said Ambassador Whitman.

Dr. Dario Gil, Senior Vice President and Director of the IBM Research Center said that his organization is planning to work closely with the Government in bringing economic change through technology.

“We are ready to face the challenges of climate change together with other stakeholders and use the opportunities available so that the country meets the technological needs of its people,” said Dr. Gil.

The leaders who attended are the Minister of Education Ezekiel Machogu, Dr. Charity Wayua, Director of IBM Research Center-Africa and Solomon Assefa, Vice President IBM Research Center among others.

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