Govt releases implementation guidelines for school projects

The Ministry of Education says the same guidelines spelt out for Implementation of projects under Maintenance and Improvement Fund (M&IF) will also apply for projects under the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP).

In a circular dated 14th January 2020, the Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr Belio Kipsang also noted that the Ministry will disburse Ksh.5,000 per student in 2020/2021 financial year. In January, 2021 Ksh.2,000 was released.

The PS noted that the scope of projects to be undertaken using the MA&IF has been expanded to cover construction and repair of classrooms, laboratories, sanitation facilities, dormitories and dining halls and procurement of chairs, desks and laboratory stools.

“Approval for continuing/extension of projects should be subject to provision and submission of Public Works structural Engineer’s report on the viability of existing project coupled with its funding history. The purpose of this is to ensure all projects started are completed as fast as possible.” He said

Dr Kipsang maintained that the approval levels contained in the circular Ref. MOE.HQS/36/36 dated 12″ February, 2020 remains where schools that receive funding of up to Ksh.5Million are required to seek approval from the office of the County Director of Education.

Schools that receive funding of between Ksh.5Million to 10Million are required to seek approval from the office of the Regional Coordinator of Education and schools that receive funding of above Ksh.10Million to seek approval from the Ministry Headquarters.

For approval of the projects, the schools are required to have a request letter forwarded by the County Director of Education/Sub County Director of Education; a clear statement on whether the project would be full contract or labour based accompanied with appropriate Bill of Quantities; Minutes of School Infrastructure Committee (SIC); Minutes of Board of Management (BOM) and Bill of Quantities (BQ).

Also architectural/Structural/Electrical/Mechanical= drawings— where applicable; Bank Statement showing availability of funds in the School Infrastructure Account; Copy of approval of project(s) undertaken using the Maintenance and Improvement Fund (M&IF) for 2020; Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) may be combined with Maintenance and Improvement Fund grant to undertake the authorized projects except dormitory projects.

For continuing projects, the school should provide financial and procurement details, photographs and evidence that the contractor has been discharged from site without any debt; Schools should file to the County Director of Education quarterly progress reports of all projects being undertaken and a copy of the School Infrastructure Development Plan (SIDP).

The PS noted that co-funding of projects between the Ministry and any other donor will take place when each of the partners will fund and supervise a complete phase of the project, which will also be audited by the funding agency. This he said will ensure that there is no comingling of funds.

For a partner taking over a new phase of a project, they shall be required to be furnished with an Inspection Report on viability of the project from Public Works Structural Engineer and evidence that the previous contractor has been discharged from the site without any debts.

For stalled projects, a complete assessment of its status and reasons for its stalling be done by the Public Works before any take over.

“Failure to apply for approval or undertake a project that has not been approved will result in severe sanction including refund of the amount spent.” Said Kipsang

He pointed out that Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) and Maintenance and Improvement Fund (M&IF) should not be used for other purposes except the authorized projects and NO school will be allowed to commence on a project before approval is obtained.

“In this regard, you are required to convey the contents of this circular to all Principals and School Boards of Management (BOMs) in your area of jurisdiction.” He added.




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