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Floods: 66 deaths reported in last 24 hours pushing death toll to 169


Heavy rains pounding several parts of the country and devastating flash floods have left 169 people dead.

The government which gave an update on the situation Tuesday said in the last 24 hours 66 more people had died, 46 from the Mai Mahiu mudslide which has turned out to be one of the worst tragedies since the onset of the rains in March.

Four people have died in Garissa, while Sindo in Homa Bay has reported four fatalities.

“Since the last update, we have regrettably lost an additional 66 citizens who have been retrieved from different incident sites” the Ministry of Interior said in a statement even as search efforts were ongoing.

Nairobi, Tana River, West Pokot, and Homa Bay are adversely affected. Additionally, landslides and mudslides have impacted residents of Muranga and Nakuru Counties.

102 individuals have been injured across the affected regions, while a total of 91 people are currently missing with Mai Mahiu accounting for 53 while Garissa has reported 16 missing persons.

The number of those displaced has risen to 30,099 households, affecting approximately 150,495 individuals. In Sindo, Homa Bay, 161 households have been displaced.

“Approximately 190,942 individuals have been affected by these natural disasters. We are actively carrying out search, rescue, and retrieval operations particularly in Nakuru due to the recent mudslide and have rescued 23 people in Garissa” said the Ministry.

A reporting desk manned by representatives from the National Government, Nakuru County, and the Kenya Red Cross has been set up at the site of the tragedy in Mai Mahiu.

A toll-free line has been given for members of the public to report any flood emergencies.

“We call for continued vigilance and adherence to safety measures issued by local authorities. In case of flood emergencies, please report immediately via toll-free line: 0800721571” read the statement.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has said the heavy rains will continue.

“Heavy rainfall events are likely to occur in some parts of the Highlands East and West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, the Rift Valley, the South-eastern lowlands, North-western and North-eastern Kenya,” says the statement released by the Director of Meteorological Services, Dr. David Gikungu.

The Weatherman is further warning of landslides in areas with steep slopes where soils become saturated, he says that, visibility is likely to be reduced during heavy rainfall events and is advising road-users, aviators and boat operators to exercise caution as large waves and strong winds may affect marine activities.









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