Govt sets up a new scheme of service for chiefs

By Claire Wanja

The Government has come up with a new scheme of service for chiefs and assistant chiefs that opens the way for their promotion to higher positions within the National Government Administration structure.

Under the scheme, chiefs and their assistants can now rise to other positions starting from assistant county commissioners (previously known as District Officers or DOs), deputy county commissioners, county commissioners all the way to regional coordinators (previously known as provincial commissioners or PCs).

The Principal Secretary for Interior, Dr. (Eng) Karanja Kibicho made public the new scheme of service on Friday when he received at Harambee House assistant chief Caroline Vugutsa Olusala of Namunyiri sub-location, Kakamega County.  The assistant chief was in Nairobi, for the first time in her life,on a trip sponsored by PS Kibicho.

During the discussions with the PS,it emerged that the assistant chief had been on same job group since her employment eight years ago.

“It is not fair or right for an officer to stay on the same job group for eight years. It is very demoralizing and should never be allowed to happen,” said PS Kibicho.

It was at this point that the PS said that the Government recognized the important role chiefs and their assistants played in the country and as such had come up with a new scheme of service to motivate them.

“Under the new scheme of service, the sky is the limit for chiefs and their assistants. A chief can rise to take any position in the National Government Administration structure so long as they have the relevant qualifications. So the onus is on chiefs and their assistants to enroll for further education,” Dr. Kibicho said.

Under the previous scheme of service, chiefs and their assistants could only rise up to the level of senior chief but not beyond.


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