Govt sets up aquaphonic unit in Makueni to promote fish farming

The State Department of Fisheries, Livestock and Cooperatives has set up an aquaphonic demonstration unit in Mukaa sub county to promote fishing farming in the county.

Chief Administrative Secretary(CAS) for Fisheries, Livestock and Cooperatives Linah Kilimo said the demonstration unit at Kwothithu secondary school will train fish farmers on modern fish food production technologies for enhanced food production and income generation.

“The objective is to use the unit for training and learning purposes for fish farmers and the youth who are more receptive to the use of technology in farming,” said Ms.Kilimo.

Speaking when she toured the site on Friday the CAS said aquaphonics,which is a technique of raising fish and the soil-less growth of plants in one integrated system using water as the media of growth, saves space and provides healthy product to farmers.

“The fish will be an alternative source of protein for farmers and their families  and especially with the rise of non- communicable diseases,” she noted.

Ms. Kilimo added that the technology was also climate smart as it uses solar energy to drive the water pump and recycles the water for sustainable use of the water and land resources.

“With aquaphonics there is no evaporation like on other water open sources like ponds,” she said.

The CAS disclosed that 35 other counties have benefited from the demonstration unit which she said was part of the government’s big four agenda on food security.

Speaking during the tour, Assistant Director for Fisheries at the National Aquaculture Research Development and Training Centre in Sagana Raphael Mbaluka said the unit consists of four fish rearing tanks, hydroponic sub system with pipes, a bio-filter tank, a sump tank and a green house.

Mbaluka said the fish waste provides an organic food source for the plants which in turn filter the water for the fish to re –use while the set up is housed in a green house.

Makueni Chief Officer for Agriculture Martin Mboloi said the county government will support the project,noting that 80 percent of residents in the county rely on farming.

The initiative is sponsored under the Agriculture Technology Development and Innovation Transfer project.



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